Yuzu Consulting offers leading-edge solutions to enhance business capabilities and value for our customers. Our consultants work hand-in-hand with our clients to strategically plan and design functional processes. Our expertise in combining digital technology to achieve efficiencies create high performance and sustainable enterprises. We partner with world class organisations to cultivate growth opportunities and to deliver fresh concepts to the market.

Why Yuzu

A Greater Potential

Allowing every business an opportunity to enhance their organisation.

The Yuzu fruit, while not as commonly known as other citrus fruits, has been an integral part of Asian cuisine and culture for many years. It is full of nutrients and health benefits, including: relieving inflammation, inhibiting blood clots, reducing chronic disease risk, boosting immune systems and protecting brain health.

Imagine bringing the same benefits to your business! As a team, we strive to relieve and reduce obstacles in your business flow, improve everyday efficiencies and protect heart and soul of your business! That is how Yuzu Consulting was born – to bring optimal health and performance to your business.


Business Advisory Services

  • Strategic Planning, Mapping and Marketing
  • Business Planning and Structuring
  • Development of Financial Strategy
  • Operational Organisation Management
  • Business Performance and Process Improvements
  • Optimisation of Business Strategy and Processes
  • Technology Infusion
  • Assessment of current processes and identification of control gaps

Financial Management and Reporting Services

  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Working Capital Management
  • Establishment and Monitoring of Key Performance Indicators
  • Inventory Management and Control Process
  • Business Cashflow Forecasting and Financial Analysis
  • Financial Management Advice
  • Digital transformation to Enhance Management Reporting 
  • Optimisation of Banking Services


Ezekiel – Business Partner

Nicole – Tax Partner

Jay – Accounting Partner


Because no two businesses are alike, neither are our recommendations. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive and all-inclusive plan, or just needing input in a particular segment, let us tailor a solution for you.


+61 402 118 460

152 St Georges Terrace, Perth, WA 6000